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Once reviewed and approved, your photos will be added to our library, and will be available for viewing by film production professionals worldwide seeking the perfect location for their projects.


You will be contacted by Joburgfilm, if there is interest in using your property for a production. There is no cost to list your property.




If you would like your property to be considered for inclusion in our portfolio and generate income for you in the exciting world of the media, send pictures of your property to info@joburgfilm.co.za


Joburgfilm will charge a 20% Management fee to look after your asserts and provide you with a secure and awesome experience!


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Your Photographs:


These do not need to be professional pictures, they are for internal evaluation only.


Lighting is important, so take your pictures on a bright sunny day. Please send high-resolution pictures no bigger than 900×900 pixels in JPEG format and no more than 30 images.


We need interior and exterior shots to tell us about the entire space, so stand back and photograph from each end.



Our Feedback:


Every inquiry and application is very important to us, and we will get back to you within a week.


If your application is successful, we will arrange a meeting on site.


There is no admission costs involved.



As your agent, Joburgfilm undertakes to:


  • Advise our location client of all aspects of filming requirements as requested from the Production House
  • Negotiate a location fee that suits your requirements.
  • Secure location agreements between the production company and property owner
  • Ensure the facilitator has sufficient public liability insurance cover
  • Pay the facilitation fee to the location owner before filming commonsense. With Proof of Payment Document
  • Most importantly make sure you are looked after as a very special Asset.
  • Your properties security is of utmost importance to Joburgfilm as a valued client.
  • We personally valuate all clients before filming, make sure you are well looked after during the filming process.
  • Making sure all production houses sign a release form, ensuring your property is left as found or not at least better.
  • Any damages to your property are solved  and settled within fourteen days of completion of filming.



Types of Locations Needed:


  • Homes & House (Modern & Period)
  • Open Plan Office Interiors (New & Old)
  • Gardens
  • Factories
  • Farms (Farming & Conservation)
  • Large Industrial Spaces
  • Township Homes
  • Suburban Homes
  • Rural Homes
  • 1950's, 60's & 70's are cool.
  • Kitsch is also Cool.

What to do when a production is filmed on your property.


Information for property owners during on-location filming:


The following are points to note and ask about when a production company requests permission to film on-location at your property. This is a general guideline for location managers to provide as a handout to property owners/property managers.





Filming dates:


What are the actual shooting days with cast and crew?


Dress dates:


Are additional dates required to prepare the location for the shoot in advance of the filming dates?


Strike/clean dates:


Are additional dates required to wrap and clean-up and restore the location to its original condition after shooting has completed?



Personnel & Vehicles


Personnel:   How many film production personnel will be involved?


Crew - actual shoot crew

Cast - actors

Extras - background performers


Vehicles:   How many vehicles will require parking?


How many production trucks

How many crew and extra vehicles

note location filming permits do not provide parking for crew/extras

Sets, Insurance, Fees



Set Dressing:


What modifications or changes to the site will be required? Will any restoration be needed?





Ask for your site to be named as the additional insured on the production company’s insurance policy. A cross liability clause should be included. Ask for a copy of the certificate prior to commencement of filming.





Ask for the fee to be paid in advance.


A damage deposit should be issued to the location and held until all film related activity is completed. Once a satisfactory inspection by the location contact and location manager is done, the certified amount is then returned to the production company.



Staff & Security




It is advised that you have a representative of your site "on set" or available during filming, preparation and strike. The cost of this person can be charged back to the production company. Your site representative should be knowledgeable about your site (i.e. alarms, sprinkler systems, electrical panels, etc.).




Is security required "on set"?



Clean-up & Lunch




Do you want your site cleaners or the Production Company's cleaners to perform this work?




Will you be asked to supply a space for lunch? (usually Production Company caters in lunch but will require space to seat crew/cast/extras).



Electrical & Special Effects




Will the Production Company be using your power or their own? (usually the Production Company provides their own generators, but if using your electricity, you should factor in cost recovery).


Special Effects:


Will there be any special effects done on your site? (Fire, smoke, gunfire).





To avoid confusion, it is very important to maintain good lines of communication between the site representative and the location department.



Site visits:


Prior to actually choosing the location, two or three site visits with minimum personnel:




Production Designer and/or Art Director

Location Manager

Production Manager


If your site is chosen, a technical survey will take place with often 20-25 people for in attendance.


Location fees will need to be agreed upon.


Managerial/security costs will need to be outlined.


Rules and regulations pertaining to your site need to be communicated to the Production Company.


Designated site representative(s) need to be identified.







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