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Dale Edwards is a Southern Africa Film Location Manager, Scout and Fixer available to assist you in South Africa and Southern Africa and surrounding Islands. Dale has being a Location , Unit, Transport Manager and Professional Scout since 1989, probably the most experienced in Southern Africa.


As a Fixer he provides you with the combination of a Location Scout, Location Manager, Production Manager and Producer all rolled into one, such known as a Fixer.


Dale’s passion and extensive experience in the film, television and the event industry, his knowledge to strive for excellence and apply so many years of trade into one dedicated service, has made him a productions dream.


Offering his clients cost-effective solutions that strategically align with their creative treatments, with the backup of a highly experienced production support team and long-standing industry relationships with crew and support facilities, assuring clients of the highest level of service available in Southern Africa. He offers you fast and efficient bidding and weather/seasonal relevant locations.


Highly regarded for his fast efficient location solutions from his vast location database, providing his clients with a creative edge backed by his logistical expertise and a wealth of experience shooting throughout Southern Africa., as well as in Mozambique, Mauritius, Namibia and the Indian Ocean Islands.


With 23 years experience , Dale understands production. He understands what producers and directors want and know’s what it takes to make miracles happen. He knows the risk clients feel when shooting abroad and will do whatever he can do to alleviate that.


Dale has a comprehensive location library of Johannesburg and Surrounding areas, including Southern Africa locations. Utilising Johannesburg as the central base to Southern Africa and steering his clients to the right destination is key and most cost efficient.


Dale’s location image library has being effectively beneficial to major production service companies local and international in investigating the feasibility of shooting in South Africa and Southern Africa. Dale’s logistical knowledge and location experience has become key in achieving the end result and making South Africa the right shooting destination for Commercials, Features, documentaries and still shoots.


Dale’s experience covers over 1000 Television Commercials, but learnt his trade as a logistical master on Feature Films on African soil, the most robust and enduring challenges conquered with ease. So is the saying Africa is not for sissies! He has moved and coordinated the largest film convoys, locked off the largest area ever in Johannesburg i.e. 25 city blocks, 5 entrance bridges, 3 helicopters, several camera crews and 5000 extras running through the city centre.


Dale’s experience of working on some of the most logistically major challenging projects in Southern Africa, such as Ali (Will Smith), Ghost and the Darkness (Val Kilmer & Michael Douglas), I Dreamed of Africa (Kim Bassinger), Who am I (Jackie Chan), 10000BC (Roland Emmerich), Blood Diamond (Leonardo DiCaprio), From Dusk Till Dawn 2 (Scott Siegal & Quinton Tarantino), Danger Zone (Billy Zane & Robert Downey Jr), Queen’s Messenger (Darrell Roodt), Rolling Stones, UB40, U2, Annie Lennox, Sting, Midnight Oil and among others FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010.


As the most experienced Unit Manager within Southern Africa, Dale know concentrates on specialising on Location Management, Scouting and Fixing shoots for clients wanting complete dedication into local knowledge and experienced by the right person, that can produce the goods on the day with trust and integrity, creative vision with logistical knowledge, visual imagination with a smooth execution.


Dale has a no bullshit attitude combined with getting the job done under eminence pressure and pleasure!


He has the flexibility and contacts to work with a range of different professionals in order to produce the best tailor made solution.


The world of entertainment is the world of imagination, so for each new concept, there’s a new question needing an answer.


We hope that joburgfilm supported fully by Dale Edwards can provide the solution to that question.


We know that whatever size brief, your production is in good hands.


We’d love you to love South Africa as much as we do, so let us know what we can do to thrill, tempt, intrigue, relax, excite and satisfy you.





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