We all looking for someone you Trust & will Look after you & Accomplish your mission, look no further!


I have worked in film for more than three decades! I am sort of giving my age away. I started at the bottom and worked successfully in and around production, unit, transport and locations successfully. With age comes wisdom and so, I have zoned my true passion into a career in film. My passion is locations and finding the perfect one!


This love has taken me all over South Africa and into Africa.


I am based in Johannesburg , I love this City! I live here, my kids have been born here and 60% of my time is spent in this vibrant city, therefore - Joburgfilm … a location solution that shows what can be done in around Johannesburg and beyond!


My approach to location scouting is a culmination of years of experience on local, but mostly importantly international commercials and feature films working with some of the best in the business. My vast logistical knowledge combined with creative scene specific photographic solutions and a sense of adventure gives me a 99% success rate in assisting clients in finding the right locations.


I have worked on enough productions to understand the pressure to find the RIGHT location! Making sure you and your crew are safe and secure, no matter what you throw at us to achieve your alternate location and achieve your goal.


I'll always make sure you and your crew are most importantly secure visiting my location options, with the help of my trusted security advisers and support services. My trust in them over the years has made my clients experience most memorable.




Where to start :


To find the RIGHT location, I need a brief! I often work with confidential scripts or treatments or connect via skype with Directors and Producers to get a brief.  Your budget and logistical requirements will assist me not only to find the right location, but help me find and source the perfect film friendly location.


For bigger productions my location database is a huge asset, as we can quickly determine if I am on the right track. A Director will be able to assess if a shoot is viable in Johannesburg based on a location search from our Joburgfilm database research.


I have lost count on the amount of location Director and Producer Location Recce’s, that I have done! So please make use of my expertize to conceptualize your location recce to offer you and your international client a successful location scout, whilst taking care of safety and giving the client an African experience that will make them return to Africa.


Generally speaking a movie’s look and feel for locations is determined from a On location recce. From there I take on an active role in supporting the production to work in Johannesburg. My services extend to more than locations i.e... Sourcing of permits, dealing with officials and local councils and locking location deals.




Joburgfilm's mission is to showcase Johannesburg and surrounding areas, as a film friendly location. It’s aim is to offer and manage a fully interactive film and television location database via a dedicated website complete with contact information and map locations. Furthermore it is Joburgfilm's mission to providing clients with services and resources whilst filming in Johannesburg and beyond to ensure we grow the industry and support our International Clients! Making there experience invaluable.




Joburgfilm would like to grow the film industry in Johannesburg and throughout South Africa and would therefore like to introduce training programs for those less advantaged, more trainee location scouts, this would enhance the location footprint and increase database capacity therefore introducing new blood into the industry. This could become a useful resource and a rotation system would favor what we are trying to achieve.


More importantly introduce new talent into the industry. Growing our location footprint throughout the country. Enhancing South Africa and Africa as a formidable film destination.


Sourcing your location is my utmost challenge & my personal mission.


Thank You


Dale Edwards





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